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Atmel PWM Driver

David Brownell wrote a basic driver for the built-in PWM controller on AP7000 and posted it to the _wremoId0 mailing list. To try it out on the STK1000, apply the following three patches:

Now, make sure SW3 is in the default position and connect some long jumpers from J29 pins 13 (pwm2) and/or 16 (pwm3) to some unused LED pins.

To use it for other purposes on your custom board, patch #3 above may serve as an example on how to hook everything up. If you need to write a custom driver (i.e. you have something different than a LED that you want to control), patch #2 may serve as an example on how to do that.

  File Size Date By Actions
else 0001-Basic-PWM-driver-for-AVR32-and-AT91.patch
Basic PWM driver for AVR32 (and possibly AT91)
17.1 K 2008-01-23 - 19:59 HaavardSkinnemoen props, move
else 0002-PWM-LED-driver.patch
PWM LED driver
6.2 K 2008-01-23 - 20:00 HaavardSkinnemoen props, move
else 0003-ATSTK1000-PWM-LED-glue.patch
Example glue for STK1000 using two PWMs to control LEDs
2.2 K 2008-01-23 - 20:01 HaavardSkinnemoen props, move
r1 - 2008-01-23 - 20:02:53 - HaavardSkinnemoen
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