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Welcome to the AVR32 Linux wiki. Here you will find information about the AVR32 port of the LinuxKernel as well as various related tools, utilities and applications.

If you're new to AVR32 Linux, the GettingStarted page might be something for you. Otherwise, you might want to check out the latest news on the AVR32 Linux project. You may even grab RSS or ATOM feeds of topic changes on this site, to keep yourself up-to-date.

This site is intended to be a collaborative effort by anyone interested. If you find a topic that you think is incomplete and want to edit it, or if you want to write about a topic that hasn't been covered yet, just sign up and go right ahead.

Even though we try to keep the information on this site as accurate as possible, we won't guarantee anything. This site is not supported by Atmel, so if you're a customer and want support, this is not the best place for it. For quality-assured information, please consult the official AVR32 site. Also, you might want to check out AVR Freaks for stable releases and discussion forums related to AVR32.


  • HowTo: Information about how to do specific tasks. There's also a GettingStarted guide for new users.
  • LinuxKernel: Linux kernel support for the AVR32 architecture and the Atmel AT32AP chips, including peripheral drivers.
  • DasUBoot: AVR32 architecture and AT32AP chip support for the DasUBoot bootloader.
  • MicroClibc: AVR32 architecture support for uClibc -- a small C library for embedded Linux systems.
  • DevelopmentTools: Developing the development infrastructure for AVR32.
  • LinuxApplications: Various applications for use with AVR32-based Linux systems.
  • MailingLists: Where to send patches and discuss technical issues.

About Wiki

This site is a Wiki system, meaning that it is fundamentally a system of editable web pages where anyone can contribute and share information. If you're new to Wiki, please have a look at WelcomeGuest to get started. Once you know what this is all about, you may check out the WebHome where you can experiment and familiarize yourself with the Wiki concept.

About the Logo

The logo at the top of the page is a modified version of the familiar Linux Penguin drawn by _wremoId0. KareAndersen added the AVR32 logo and some smoothing. Both used The GIMP to do their work.

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