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Building autoconf programs for AVR32

At least inn theory, the build procedure is the same for all programs using autoconf:
  1. Make sure the build system knows about avr32. If necessary, replace the config.sub script that comes with the package with an updated version from http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/config. Please also consider asking the upstream author or maintainer nicely if he could update his versions of config.sub and config.guess as well.
  2. Run ./configure --help to see which options are available.
  3. Run ./configure with the options you want. Make sure that you consider the following options:
    Set this to avr32-linux
    Set this to the machine you're building on. Not really necessary, but configure will issue a warning if you specify --host without also specifying --build. The config.guess script may provide you with a value to use here.
    Set this to the path prefix where you want the application to appear on the target. This should usually be /usr or /usr/local.
  4. Run make to build the software.
  5. Decide where you want to install the application, the DESTDIR. If you're using nfsroot, you probably want to install it to the exported directory on the server. DESTDIR should be the top level of this directory, as the application will actually be installed to ${DESTDIR}/${prefix}.
  6. Run make install DESTDIR=<where you decided to install the application>
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