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AVR32 Linux core patches

The core AVR32 architecture support, which was included in the Linux 2.6.19 kernel, added support for the AVR32 architecture, the AT32AP7000 chip and the AT32STK1000 development board (with the AT32STK1002 CPU daughterboard.) The following features are supported:

  • All the stuff you would expect from a regular Linux kernel (except the missing features listed below)
  • Full MMU support
  • Images for u-boot (uImage) are generated by the build system, provided the `mkimage' utility from u-boot is installed
  • KProbes (not very well tested)
  • OProfile (also not very well tested)
  • Kernel preemption
  • Uses the generic interrupt framework
  • Uses the generic timekeeping framework
  • Default configuration for the AT32STK1000 /AT32STK1002 board combination is provided
  • Lockdep support
  • High-resolution timer and dynamic tick support
  • Power management support (not yet in mainline, probably 2.6.27 material. Included in the latest .atmel patches)

Missing features

  • Real-Time Preemption and other -rt features
  • Alignment trap handling
  • Highmem support (probably won't be needed for a while)
  • Sparsemem support (ditto)

Known issues

  • There are some dependencies on the at32ap platform in the core arch code.

Feel free to add more to the list.

r9 - 2008-06-27 - 19:29:02 - HaavardSkinnemoen
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