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GCC Patches for AVR32

Compiling GCC should be straight forward, follow the simple guide below:

  1. Run ./configure with your favorite options. You probably need to include at least --target=avr32-linux

Now, you should be able to do the usual make and make install to build and install the toolchain.

Remember to fetch the latest config.sub and config.guess from http://git.savannah.gnu.org/gitweb/?p=config.git;a=tree if you get in trouble with unsupported architecture from the configure script.

GCC 4.2.2.atmel.1.1.3

Fixes for GCC 4.2.2.atmel.1.1.3

GCC 4.2.2.atmel.1.1.2

GCC 4.2.2.atmel.1.0.8

Fixes for GCC 4.2.2.atmel.1.0.8

GCC 4.2.2.atmel.1.0.6

Fixes for GCC 4.2.2.atmel.1.0.6

GCC 4.2.1.atmel.1.3.2

GCC 4.1.2-avr32-2.1

GCC 4.0.2.atmel.0.99.2

This patch contains a few bugfixes since the last version.

Older patches

C++ compiler fix for internal compiler error: in cp_expr_size

  File Size Date By Actions
else 901-avr32-fix-no-cond-exec-before-reload.patch
Fix no conditional execution before reload
1.2 K 2008-06-30 - 12:12 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else 902-avr32-fix-sync-insn-instructions.patch
Fix for the builtin sync operations
5.4 K 2008-06-30 - 12:11 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else 902-avr32-revert-broken-read-modify-write-stuff.patch
Revert broken read modify write builtins
31.1 K 2009-03-09 - 07:55 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else 903-avr32-fix-removal-of-redundant-cast-operations.patch
Fix when removing redundant cast operations
0.5 K 2008-06-30 - 12:11 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else 904-avr32-fix-conditional-insn-which-clobbers-cc_status.patch
Fix conditional insns which clobbers cc_status
4.2 K 2008-09-19 - 14:06 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else 905-avr32-optimize-movsf2-use-movh-to-move-immediates-into-register.patch
Optimize movsf2 to use movh to move immediates into register
1.3 K 2008-09-19 - 14:07 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else gcc-4.0.2-atmel.0.99.2.patch.bz2
AVR32 patch against GCC 4.0.2
145.0 K 2007-01-03 - 15:55 HaavardSkinnemoen props, move
else gcc-4.1.2-avr32-2.1.patch.tar.bz2
GCC 4.1.2
130.0 K 2008-03-25 - 11:52 JohnVoltz props, move
else gcc-4.2.1-avr32-atmel.1.3.2.patch.bz2
GCC 4.2.1
114.8 K 2008-03-25 - 11:47 JohnVoltz props, move
else gcc-4.2.1-avr32-patches.tar.bz2
More GCC 4.2.1 patches
5.7 K 2008-03-25 - 11:57 JohnVoltz props, move
else gcc-4.2.2.atmel.1.0.6-avr32-do-not-move-memory-loads-out.patch.bz2
Fix for not moving memory loads outside insn
0.4 K 2008-03-26 - 13:28 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else gcc-4.2.2.atmel.1.0.6.patch.bz2
AVR32 patch against GCC 4.2.2
158.9 K 2008-03-26 - 12:37 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else gcc-4.2.2.atmel.1.0.6.tar.bz2
GCC 4.2.2 prepatched with 4.2.2.atmel.1.0.6 patch
43234.3 K 2008-03-26 - 13:30 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else gcc-4.2.2.atmel.1.0.8.patch.bz2
AVR32 patch v1.0.8 against GCC 4.2.2
159.0 K 2008-04-03 - 06:04 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else gcc-4.2.2.atmel.1.0.8.tar.bz2
GCC 4.2.2 prepatched with 4.2.2.atmel.1.0.8 patch
43236.2 K 2008-04-03 - 06:06 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else gcc-4.2.2.atmel.1.1.2.patch.bz2
AVR32 patch v1.1.2 against GCC 4.2.2
149.7 K 2008-11-26 - 10:33 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else gcc-4.2.2.atmel.1.1.2.tar.bz2
GCC 4.2.2 source with AVR32 patch v1.0.6 applied
43258.4 K 2008-11-26 - 10:30 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else gcc-4.2.2.atmel.1.1.3-revert-broken-uclibc-stuff.patch
Revert some of the main patch to fix WCHAR support when using uClibc
1.3 K 2008-12-02 - 12:36 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else gcc-4.2.2.atmel.1.1.3.patch.bz2
AVR32 patch v1.1.3 against GCC 4.2.2
126.9 K 2008-12-02 - 14:23 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else gcc-4.2.2.atmel.1.1.3.tar.bz2
GCC 4.2.2 source with AVR32 patch v1.1.3 applied
43276.9 K 2008-12-02 - 14:25 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
r22 - 2009-12-06 - 21:18:04 - HansChristianEgtvedt
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