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Gkrellm is a flexible system monitor with theme support.
You may integrate gkrellm into your window manager and monitor a remote system using gkrellmd deamon.

Tested version gkrellm-2.3.2

Gkrellmd binary

* gkrellmd.gz: gkrellmd-2.3.2 for AVR32

Building Gkrellm

You will need GtkTwo libraries and dev files from buildroot or from avr32linux.org

In the source folder of gkrellm type

# make
# (opt) sudo make install
# cd server
# make clean
# CC=avr32-linux-uclibc-gcc make
# cp gkrellmd <YOUR AVR32 ROOT FOLDER>/usr/bin

Using Gkrellm

On your AVR32 platform start gkrellmd with

# gkrellmd --update-hz 1 --port 19150 --user nobody

or automatically by using a startup script in /etc/init.d

On your build system start gkrellm with

# gkrellm -s <NGW hostname or IP>

Gkrellm in action

Gkrellm on build system connected to gkrellmd on NGW100:


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Gkrellm on build system
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else gkrellmd.gz
Gkrellm deamon (AVR32 binary)
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r1 - 2009-09-08 - 08:58:00 - MarkusEkler
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