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Gnash is a GNU Flash movie player. Flash is an animation file format pioneered by Macromedia which continues to be supported by their successor company, Adobe. Flash has been extended to include audio and video content, and programs written in ActionScript , an ECMAScript-compatible language. Gnash is based on GameSWF , and supports most SWF v7 features and some SWF v8 and v9.

Gnash is working in buildroot now. It's pretty slow running on AVR32 though. Maybe some optimizations might help down the road.

Here are some screenshots from a NGW100:

* Pandora player:

* Test movie:

* Altium flash movie:

  File Size Date By Actions
jpg gnash1.jpg
Pandora player
95.5 K 2008-07-09 - 13:41 JohnVoltz props, move
jpg gnash2.jpg
Test movie
30.5 K 2008-07-09 - 13:42 JohnVoltz props, move
jpg gnash3.jpg
Altium flash movie
60.1 K 2008-07-09 - 13:43 JohnVoltz props, move
r1 - 2008-07-09 - 13:44:13 - JohnVoltz
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