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The Atmel AVR JTAGICEmkII is, as the name implies, the second generation of JTAG In-Circuit Emulators originally designed for the AVR8. It sports a USB and serial link to your PC and a JTAG-connector to your development board (in this case, the STK1000/STK1002).

Use the JTAGICEmkII with the avr32program utility shipped with the STK1000 BSP to upload new boot-loader or debug your applications using avr32-linux-gdb / avr32-gdb.

Internally, the JTAGICEmkII sports 2xMega128 + SRAM. The firmware for AVR32 started shipping with AVR Studio 4.12, some 4 months prior to the release of the AVR32 architecture and some 6 months prior to the first silicon was available.

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