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Current issues with the AVR32 port of the Linux kernel

  • Upgrade to 2.6.16
  • Review the current ABI and make any necessary changes before people start using it. Especially:
    • Reduce the maximum number of registers used for parameters by passing structs for syscalls that take more than 4 (or 5) arguments.
    • Do we need sys_mmap2 or should we just use sys_mmap64? Is it okay if sys_mmap2 goes by the name sys_mmap?
    • Maybe use the new *at() syscalls instead of the traditional counterparts?
    • Maybe drop the non-largefile syscalls

Driver issues

  • Need new SPI driver based on the 2.6.16 SPI framework.

-- HaavardSkinnemoen - 08 Mar 2006

r1 - 2006-03-08 - 18:29:50 - HaavardSkinnemoen
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