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Synergy is useful when you don't have a mouse or keyboard connected to your AVR32 and you want to run a GUI such as X.

It consists of a server (called synergys) that runs on the machine that has a mouse and keyboard. You then run the client (called synergyc) on the AVR32 to connect to the server. Then you just run your mouse pointer off the side of the screen and it will pop up on the AVR32's screen. It works with scroll wheel events too.

You can start the server like so:

synergys --address

or if you have problems connecting, you can start it like this:

synergys -f -d DEBUG2 --address

This will let you watch debugging messages in a shell.

Start the client on the AVR32 using a serial console or ssh. Start it like this:

nice -n -1 synergyc

It is important to use nice to set the priority for synergy a little higher so it doesn't jerk.

You can debug the client the same way as the server above.

Here is an example of my server config file (saved in /etc/synergy.conf)

section: screens
section: links
    right = johnv
    left  = ngw100
section: aliases
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