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System Upgrade Utility

This is a simple Linux utility for upgrading the bootloader, kernel and filesystems on a target board. It is meant to be placed in an initramfs and embedded into a kernel image which can be loaded by u-boot. Once launched, the upgrade will happen 100% automatically. The utility currently supports UBIFS and JFFS2 file systems.



The utility must be built for a particular board. The selected board determines the flash layout, filesystem types, mount points, etc. The following command will build a utility for upgrading the ATSTK1006 development board, with a UBIFS root filesystem stored in NAND flash and a JFFS2 /boot partition stored in NOR flash:

make BOARD=atstk1006 CROSS_COMPILE=avr32-linux-
r1 - 2010-09-20 - 08:39:17 - HaavardSkinnemoen
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