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* xstroke-0.6.tar.gz: XStroke 0.6 source To build it, ./configure --host=avr32-linux --prefix=/usr/avr32-linux

* xstroke-0.6-avr32-bin.tar.bz2: xstroke 0.6 binary for AVR32

If your window manager doesn't have a system tray, use docker.

To build docker, make CC=avr32-linux-gcc

The following screen shot was taken with fbgrab. I don't know why it looks so terrible, but it gets the point across...

* XStroke on NGW100:

  File Size Date By Actions
else xstroke-0.6-avr32-bin.tar.bz2
xstroke 0.6 binary for AVR32
48.3 K 2007-12-25 - 17:06 JohnVoltz props, move
else xstroke-0.6.tar.gz
XStroke 0.6 source
162.9 K 2007-11-09 - 22:44 JohnVoltz props, move
jpg xstroke.jpg
XStroke on NGW100
11.1 K 2007-11-09 - 23:36 JohnVoltz props, move
r2 - 2007-12-25 - 17:06:50 - JohnVoltz
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