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The FlashUpgrade tool is used to program the parallel flash from U-Boot. It is loaded into SDRAM and executed from there, very similar to loading a Linux kernel.

This tool will let you upgrade any U-Boot, either if it is running directly from flash (old U-Boot's) or SDRAM.

For information about how to use the built flash-upgrade tool see the FlashUpgradeUsage node.

Configuration and compilation

You will need a working avr32-linux toolchain installed on your system, and an updated mkimage tool built by U-Boot.

After successfully building an U-Boot image (u-boot.bin), copy the u-boot.bin file over to the flash-upgrade directory. Flash-upgrade does not have any configuration possibilities, so just type make and you should get a flash-upgrade.uimg file.

You are now done (-: See the FlashUpgradeUsage node for information about how to take use of this file.

Source code

The source code is available either by download below or by accessing the GIT repository at git://www.atmel.no/~hcegtvedt/flash-upgrade.git

git clone git://www.atmel.no/~hcegtvedt/flash-upgrade.git flash-upgrade


Prebuilt binaries

You can download prebuilt binaries for NGW100 and STK1000 from http://www.atmel.no/buildroot/buildroot-u-boot.html

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else flash-upgrade-v0.2.tar.bz2
flash-upgrade version 0.2 source code
17.4 K 2008-07-24 - 06:12 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
r1 - 2008-07-24 - 06:44:24 - HansChristianEgtvedt
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