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There are three mailing lists at avr32linux.org:

Subscribing isn't necessary for posting patches to these lists; however, if you're not subscribed, your post may be held for approval by a moderator.

Please observe the following rules when posting to these lists:

  • This is not a support channel; it is a place where kernel developers and testers can communicate on a fairly advanced level. If you're new to avr32, linux or u-boot and need help to get started, please consider the avrfreaks.net forums instead.
  • Use reply-to-all when replying. Since posting by non-subscribers is allowed, we must take care that they actually see the replies.
  • Patches should be submitted according to the SubmittingPatches document in the Linux kernel sources. If your mailer is being difficult, plain text attachments are ok too, but not preferred.
  • Be nice. Even if someone does break the rules, please point it out in a polite manner or ignore the rules and help out anyway.

When posting patches, please Cc the upstream mailing list when appropriate. This is especially important for u-boot patches since there's a policy that all patches to u-boot should be posted to _wremoId3 for review before they are merged into a custodian tree.

Anti-spam measures

All mail to the avr32linux.org domain is handled by MailHop. This includes spam filtering with SpamAssassin and DNS Block Lists (DNSBL). Currently, the Spamhaus SBL and XBL lists are enabled.

Mail tagged as spam by SpamAssassin is held for moderation. Most spam shouldn't get that far, though.

Member list reset by accident in May 2011

In early May 2011 the server that hosts the avr32linux.org website and mailing lists had a fatal system crash. This lead to the all the member lists for the Linux kernel, U-Boot and Buildroot was lost. Double failure was also the harsh reality, as it turned out that mailman was not part of the backup path.

As a result, anybody subscribed to either of the three avr32linux.org mailing list are now no longer a member of any list.

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