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The AVR32 Linux Kernel

Current Status

The AVR32 Linux Kernel was used to demonstrate the AVR32 architecture on the Embedded World 2006 conference in Nuremberg. It can boot from an MMC or SD Card, or it can be loaded over the network with root filesystem mounted over NFS (NfsRoot ). Using the BusyBox suite linked against MicroClibc, it functions like most other Linux-based systems. It can also show MPEG4 video using MPlayer.

AVR32 support has been merged into the mainstream kernel, and was included in the 2.6.19 release. This release also contains a few other related changes which makes it possible to boot from a filesystem stored in external flash with console on the serial port. The CorePatches page contains more information about the current status of the core AVR32 support.

The LinuxPatches page contains additional patches against various kernel versions, and includes support for ethernet, SPI and LCDC, among other things. For help on building your new kernel see the CompilingTheKernel page.

Supported Chips

Supported Boards

  • ATSTK1000 with ATSTK1002, ATSTK1003, ATSTK1004 or ATSTK1006 CPU daughterboard.
  • ATNGW100

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Unsupported Chips and Boards

The AVR32 UC3 family and associated development boards are not yet supported by the Linux kernel. However, some of these chips are actually capable of running the Linux kernel, so they may be supported in the future. See the LinuxKernelOnUC3 page for more information.


Driver Description Status Patch
AtmelUsartDriver Serial port driver for AVR32 and AT91 In mainline (2.6.19) N/A
AtmelMacbDriver Ethernet driver for the Atmel MACB ethernet interface In mainline (2.6.20) N/A
AtmelDmacaDriver Driver for the DMACA DMA controller In mainline (2.6.27) new driver, old driver in .atmel
AtmelFbDriver Driver for Framebuffer video In mainline (2.6.22) N/A
AtmelMmcDriver Driver for the Atmel MMC interface In mainline (2.6.27) new driver, old driver in .atmel
AtmelLcdcDriver Framebuffer driver for the Atmel LCDC (LCD Controller) In mainline (2.6.22) N/A
AtmelSpiDriver Driver for the Atmel SPI interface In mainline (2.6.21) N/A
AtmelTwiDriver Driver for the Atmel TWI i2c interface Has some issues 2.6.22-rc5, In .atmel
AtmelUsbDeviceDriver USB Gadget driver for the Atmel USB Device Controller In mainline (2.6.24) 2.6.22-rc5
SciensisSpiProtocolDriver SPI protocol driver to interface the AVR32 with other microcontrollers Working 2.6.20
CompactFlashDriver Necessary glue code for accessing CompactFlash cards from an AVR32 controller Should merge with at91_cf 2.6.22, In 2.6.23.atmel.2
GpioDevInterface AVR32-specific /dev interface for doing GPIO Deprecated: use sysfs interface 2.6.22-rc5
Ap7000RealTimeCounter Driver for the AT32AP700x RTC In mainline (2.6.23) In 2.6.22.atmel.3
Ap7000WatchDogTimer Driver for the AT32AP700x WDT In mainline (2.6.23) In 2.6.22.atmel.3
AtmelSscDriver Driver for the Synchronous Serial Controller In mainline (2.6.24) In 2.6.22.atmel.3
At73c213Driver Driver for the AT73C213 i2s codec In mainline (2.6.24) In 2.6.22.atmel.3
AtmelAc97cDriver Driver for the Atmel AC97 Controller In mainline (2.6.30) In 2.6.22.atmel.4
AtmelAbdacDriver Driver for the Audio Bitstream DAC In mainline (2.6.30) In 2.6.22.atmel.4
AtmelIsiDriver Driver for the Atmel Image Sensor Interface Needs testing In 2.6.23.atmel.5
AtmelPwmDriver Driver for the Atmel Pulse Width Modulation controller In mainline (2.6.25) archives
PsifDriver Driver for the PS/2 Interface In mainline (2.6.26) patch test app
PataDriver Driver for Parallel ATA Disk Drive In mainline (2.6.24) patch
NandDriver Driver for NAND flash hooked up to the EBI/SMC In mainline (2.6.27) In
TimerCounterDriver Driver for the Timer/Counter module "tclib" layer in mainline (2.6.25) N/A


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