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Kernels greater than 2.6.18 do not include support for sound other than the bit stream DAC as of 20 Aug 2007.

We will make the Kernel as example.

So you have to download:

Description Link
Kernel Source of Kernel download
Kernel Patch + ATNGW100 support download

Save Kernel Source and Kernel Patch in the same Directory and extract the Linux Kernel and the Patch.

Go into the Kernel directory and apply the patch.

cd linux-

patch -p1 < ../linux-2.6.git-32f15dc5e6252f03aa2e04a2b140827a8297f21f.patch

Now we can Configure the Kernel.

make ARCH=avr32 CROSS_COMPILE=avr32-linux- atngw100_defconfig

make ARCH=avr32 CROSS_COMPILE=avr32-linux-

If you want to rebuild you must clean first:

make ARCH=avr32 CROSS_COMPILE=avr32-linux- distclean

Thats it!! smile with this few steps I can build a Kernel. I don't know if it is runnig I will test it soon.

More Cooming Soon.... wink

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