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PSIF Linux driver for PS/2

The circuit below is only needed for regular PS/2 mouses which in most cases must have 5 volt for the optical stuff to work. Many keyboards and USB-to-PS/2 adapters will only need 3.3 volt, which is the default on STK1000 PS/2 ports.

USB-to-PS/2 adapters will need a hack where you power the adapter with a 5 volt regulator, but the I/O lines can be 3.3 volt.

There is now released an appnote by Atmel about using the PSIF as a PS/2 driver in Linux.

See the attached PDF file for some insight into the PS/2 protocol.

Some URLs with good information about the PS/2 protocol:

Linux kernel patches

The patches below are made against Linux kernel version 2.6.24.atmel.1.

Example level-shifting circuit


  File Size Date By Actions
else 0001-Add-PSIF-platform-resources-to-device-code-and-board.patch
Patch to add the machine code to at32ap700x
3.5 K 2008-02-26 - 07:40 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else 0002-Wire-up-PSIF-device-0-and-1-for-the-ATSTK1002-ATSTK.patch
Patch to add the psif stuff in STK1000 board code, configurable with kbuild
3.3 K 2008-02-26 - 07:41 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
else 0003-PS-2-serio-driver-for-AVR32-devices.patch
Patch to add at32psif serio driver to the input sub-system
13.0 K 2008-02-26 - 07:42 HansChristianEgtvedt props, move
pdf CR0109_PS2_Controller.pdf
PS/2 Protocol
739.8 K 2007-09-11 - 01:21 JohnVoltz props, move
png pca9306.png
Level-shifting circuit
14.8 K 2007-08-22 - 17:18 JohnVoltz props, move
else psif-2.6.22-git.patch
Patch for kernel 2.6.22-git
17.3 K 2007-08-22 - 17:19 JohnVoltz props, move
c psif.c
Test Program
1.8 K 2007-09-11 - 01:20 JohnVoltz props, move
r6 - 2008-02-26 - 07:44:18 - HansChristianEgtvedt
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