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Ser2Net is a serial port gateway program, which allows serial ports to be accessed via TCP connection to the gateway.

Ser2Net supports RCF 2217 (remote control of serial port) if the client supports it.

Building Ser2NEt

Ser2Net uses autoconf, so it can be configured simply by overriding the default "config.sub" and "config.guess" files which come with it, and then building it for the avr32-linux host.

tar xvfx ser2net-2.5.tar.gz
cd ser2net-2.5
#copy the new "config.guess" and "config.sub" to the program directory
./configure --host=avr32-linux

Don't forget to copy the ser2net.conf file, also on the program directory, to the /etc folder on your target.

Running Ser2Net

As far as I understand, the NGW100/atmel linux kernel does not support UUCP locking, so you have to run it with the -u flag to disable it. Compiling it without support for this did not seem to work for me.

The ser2net.conf file is self-explaining.


To use this program, you might also be interested in enabling the other USART ports on the board. Instructions can be found here.

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