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To take screen shots of an X Window screen, from another Linux machine, simply run the following command (with servername being the IP address or hostname of your AVR32 board):

import -window root -display servername:0 myfile01.pcx

Access control will also need to be turned off by using the -ac flag when starting X on the AVR32.

Here is a screenshot application called fbgrab that can be run on the AVR32.

fbgrab myfile01.png

* fbgrab-1.0-avr32.tar.bz2: fbgrab binary for AVR32

fbgrab can be built from source with the following command line:

avr32-linux-gcc -O2 -I/usr/avr32-linux/include -L/usr/avr32-linux/lib -lpng -lz -lc -lm fbgrab.c -o fbgrab
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