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AVR32 Linux Howto Guides

Here you'll find guides on how to do various things with AVR32 Linux. If you're new to all this, start by reading the GettingStarted guide. If you come up with a clever way to do something, please add a new entry below.

How to set up a AVR32 Linux development environment from scratch
How to run Linux on Windows
How to compile the kernel using BSP v2.0 and BSP v1.0.
How to build and install RPM packages on AVR32
How to build and install ipkg packages on AVR32
How to modify the NGW100 to add new peripherals
How to configure uboot to boot from an SD card.
How to take screenshots remotely and locally
How to debug applications remotely using gdb
How to connect wireless networking hardware
How to debug the Linux kernel using the JTAGICEmkII
How to set up swap on a Network Block Device
What to do when absolutely no messages appear on the console when booting your new kernel? Bring out your JTAGICEmkII and extract the console log directly from RAM.
CustomBoardSupport wip
How to port u-boot and the Linux kernel to support your custom board. This might also include interesting information for users running a hacked version of an existing board.
How to make a New Kernel like
How to do atomic operations using the stcond instruction
How to compile and load simple linux driver

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