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Porting applications to AVR32

Porting a new application to AVR32 is usually quite easy. If the application uses the autoconf system (i.e. it has a configure script), you probably just have to update the config.sub and (optionally) config.guess files with a version that recognizes AVR32. The latest version of these scripts can be downloaded from http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/config. With a recent config.sub in place, all you need to do is to run configure with the --host=avr32-linux option and run make and make install.

If this doesn't work, please have a look at some CommonPortingIssues.

When it does work, please consider adding an entry to the table below describing what you had to do and (if necessary) include a patch containing the changes you had to do to the code. Please use a WikiWord for the application name so that links will work as expected.

Linux on UC3-based CPUs

Even though the Linux kernel currently only supports AVR32 AP7-based CPUs, Linux has supported MMU-less CPUs for quite some time, and there are UC3-based CPUs available that are fully capable of running Linux. With LinuxOnUC3, the applications listed below are made available for use on cheap UC3-based chips as well. Work is underway to make this happen -- if you think it sounds interesting, please consider participating.

AVR32 Linux Application Repository

Application Description Maintainer Source Patch
AceOfPenguins Collection of Card and Board Games JohnVoltz download None needed
AlsaMixerGui FLTK based Mixer GUI for Alsa JohnVoltz Download Patch
Boost Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries JohnVoltz Download None needed
BusyBox Basic set of utilities compiled into a single executable image HaavardSkinnemoen download None needed
Cron ISC cron daemon KlausSchaefer Download Patch
Dillo GTK 1.2 based Lightweight Web Browser JohnVoltz Home Patched source
Flirt Open source Flash runtime SondreGarsjoe Download Download
FlTk Fast, light GUI toolkit JohnVoltz download Patch
GadgetFsTest Test program for gadgetfs HaavardSkinnemoen download None needed
Gkrellm System monitor with theme support (remote deamon) MarkusEkler Download None needed
GqView Image Viewer JohnVoltz download None needed
Gnash Flash Movie Player JohnVoltz download None needed
GtkTwo GUI toolkit JohnVoltz Download GTK how-to
GtkOne GUI toolkit JohnVoltz Home Source tree
Icu International Components for Unicode JohnVoltz Home None needed
Iperf The TCP/UDP Bandwidth Measurement Tool MarceloBarros Download Download
IPkg Itsy Package Installer JohnVoltz download None needed
JamVM Java vm LeenToelen Download None needed
LeafPad Text Editor JohnVoltz download None needed
LibAio Asynchronous I/O library HaavardSkinnemoen download None needed
Libid3tag MP3 IDv3 Tag Parsing Library JohnVoltz Download Patch
Lua The Lua Interpreter   download None needed
LxDoom ID Software's game DOOM JohnVoltz Download Patch
Lynx Text-based WWW Browser JohnVoltz Download None needed
MadPlayer Command line MP3 Player JohnVoltz Download None
MagicCube4D 4 Dimension Rubik's Cube JohnVoltz Download Patched source
Midnight-Commander File manager for the shell DmitriyPorollo Download None needed
Midori WebKit based WWW Browser JohnVoltz Download None needed
MPlayer The Movie Player JohnVoltz Download Download
MtdUtils MemoryTechnologyDevice (flash) utilities for Linux HaavardSkinnemoen download None needed
MySQL MySQL Server JohnVoltz download None needed
Nano-X The Nano-X Window System (previously Microwindows) SondreGarsjoe Download Download
NCurses Terminal Control Library JohnVoltz Download None needed
NetCat TCP/IP swiss army knife AmandTihon Download Patch
Net-SNMP snmpd - usefull for monitoring with ie Munin OleBendikKvisberg download None needed
NgSpice Mixed mode circuit simulator JohnVoltz Download None needed
OpenMotif Motif Toolkit JohnVoltz Download Patch
PcMan Gtk+ File Manager JohnVoltz Download None needed
Python The interpreter we love in favour of the other one JoUthus download Download soon
Qtopia GUI framework from TrollTech, for embedded devices without X Windows HansChristianEgtvedt Download 4.2.2 4.2.4
Qt-X11 GUI framework from TrollTech, for X Windows JohnVoltz Download Patch 4.4.0-tp1
Rubix Rubik's Cube for X JohnVoltz Download Patch
Ser2Net Serial Port <> TCP Connection GutoAndreollo Home None Needed
shttpd Small an simple but powerfull HTTP(S) Daemon KlausSchaefer Download Readme
STrace System call tracer HaavardSkinnemoen Download Download
Sylpheed Gtk+ Graphical Email client JohnVoltz download None needed
Synergy Mouse and keyboard sharing server/client JohnVoltz download 1.3.1 None needed
SystemUpgrade Buildroot-based firmware upgrade utility HaavardSkinnemoen Download None needed
Torsmo System Status Monitor JohnVoltz download None needed
Tslib Abstraction layer for touchscreen panel events MatteoVit Download Patch
Vice Commodore Emulator JohnVoltz Download Patch
WebKit Open source web browser engine JohnVoltz Home Patch
XBoard GNU Chess JohnVoltz Engine GUI None needed
XPdf PDF Viewer JohnVoltz download None needed
XStroke Handwriting Recognition for X JohnVoltz Download None needed
XWindows X Windows System JohnVoltz Download 7.3 X how-to
YSM A Free, open source (GPL license) console based ICQ client written in the C language   Download None needed

Adding new entries to the list

If you've ported a new application to avr32-linux, or even just tried cross-compiling something and found out that it works with no modifications, you should add it to the Application Repository above. Here's how you do it:
  1. Add a new row to the table. Make sure that what appears in the Application column is interpreted as a link by the wiki software --- either by using a WikiWord or by forcing a link by enclosing the name in double square brackets like this: [[Frobnicator]]. See the TextFormattingRules for details.
  2. Fill in the table entry as best you can. Unless a patch is already available from some other source, put a temporary placeholder in the Patch column. Save the page.
  3. Click on the question mark next to the application name to create a new info page for your application.
  4. Fill in the info page with any information you think is necessary. Please try to keep the general structure consistent with other applications' info pages.
  5. If the application needs a patch, attach it to the info page and update the Patch column in the table above. The URL should be constructed using the %PUBURLPATH% and %WEB% variables like this:

What applications are included in the buildroot default image?

The following is a list of all of the packages that are included in the default image built by buildroot.

Application Description
Avahi a free Zeroconf implementation, including a system for multicast DNS/DNS-SD service discovery.
AVR32 User's guide The user's guide
BridgeUtils Utilities for configuring the Linux ethernet bridge.
Bzip2 A free and open source lossless data compression algorithm and program developed by Julian Seward.
DNSMasQ A lightweight, easy to configure, DNS forwarder and DHCP server.
DropBear A Secure Shell-compatible server and client.
FakeRoot Provides a fake root environment by means of LD_PRELOAD and SYSV IPC (or TCP) trickery.
GdbServer Allows you to connect your program with a remote GDB via target remote
HasErl a small program that uses shell or Lua script to create cgi web scripts
IpTables Software inside this framework enables packet filtering, network address [and port] translation (NA[P]T) and other packet mangling.
LibDaemon A lightweight C library that eases the writing of UNIX daemons.
LrzSz A unix communication package providing the XMODEM, YMODEM ZMODEM file transfer protocols.
Lzo A block compression algorithm — it compresses and decompresses a block of data.
MtdUtils A set of utilities for doing low-level operations on flash devices.
Nbd Network block device
NcFtp Command-line ftp client for UNIX.
Ntp Network time protocol
Openssl Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) package
PkgConfig A helper tool used when compiling applications and libraries.
PortMap A part of the ONCRPC collection of software for implementing remote procedure calls between computer programs.
ProFtpD A high-performance, extremely configurable, and secure FTP server.
Python Object oriented scripting language
Rsync An open source utility that provides fast incremental file transfer.
Samba An Open Source/Free Software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients.
Strace A system call tracer
WebIf Implements HTML pages with embedded shell scripts.
WirelessTools A set of tools allowing to manipulate the Wireless Extensions.
Zlib A compression library
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